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Product Photographer For Enhanced Sales

Perfectly captured snaps enliven products; be it in your Amazon account or for your own online store, product photographers can bring out features of your product that will easily lure your audience in. You need exceptional photographs of products that you are trying to sell, and we can help you in your pursuit. We are a remote studio working in the field of product photography for a range of companies including startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. We specialize in white background photography for websites, online stores, Amazon stores as well as print development . In fact, our photographs are fully compatible with all popular E-Commerce platforms. You just need to ship your product to us in its pristine condition and leave it on us to do the rest of the magic. Dents and blemishes can obviously bring down the quality of product photography but professional photographers like us indeed know their way around such limitations.

How We Bring Your Products Alive

After receiving the product we photograph it in the best way possible and upload it online for your viewing. If you are satisfied with the photographs we ship the product back to you. So if you are worrying that your product may get wasted in the process, fret not – as we will see to it that the condition of the product isn’t hampered.

Professional Product Photographer

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced product photographers. Our stellar reviews easily prove that each product photographer in our company has proved his mettle in the niche. We don’t outsource our job. We also undertake difficult photography challenges such as photographing shiny or transparent products as well as white on white. While it comes to photography, the domain is ever expanding. This is why we make sure that the photograph is truly compatible with the media and commensurate with the intent. So, we undertake specialty photograph orders such as – lifestyle photography, creative groups, hand photos, oversized product photos, 360 degree spin product photography amongst others.

Spacious Product Photography Ensemble

Our studio and all the shooting paraphernalia play an important role in our photography. We have a 4000 sq. feet of fully equipped, sophisticated studio to achieve finesse in our pursuit. As a product photographer we undertake projects for a vast range of products. This includes beauty products, watch, electronic devices, computers and laptops, household items, kitchen items, decorative items, cosmetic products, beverage and drinks, bags and accessories, shoes and socks, jewellery, food, industrial products, health and supplements amongst others. Further, Amazon compatibility of the photographs is a must if you are listing your products on Amazon. You need to tell us if the photographs are intended to be put up on Amazon. We can give you the best shots of your product for Amazon.

Product Photography Redefined

Expert Editing

Crisp photographs highlighting the features of the product in a subtle way is our USP. We know that even the best shot can be edited in order to make an image more evocative of ideas and desires. So, we have a team of expert editors. They go through gruelling editing processes to come up with perfect touch-ups and colour corrections and render the best product image possible.

Multiple Image Size

It is possible to get multiple images of the same photograph. In fact, we provide multiple sizes of each photograph to our clients. This is beneficial since you may need to use the same photograph in different media such as print, web or social media.

Fully Compatible Product Photography

Our photographs are fully compatible with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce amongst others.

No Minimum Order

There is no bar of minimum order. We think each order is significant and a part of our learning curve. So, we don’t limit our exposure by imposing a bar like a minimum order criteria.

Advanced Solutions

We employ advanced photography techniques including custom lighting techniques and retouching techniques. This helps white background photographs reveal their true potential.

Highly Experienced Product Photographer

It takes more than a good camera to capture good photographs. This is why all photographers are not the same, and every photograph is not saleable. We have a team of specialised white background product photographers with years of experience behind them. They are experts in taking perfect snaps of each product irrespective of their colour, dimension, shape etc.

Professional Techniques

We take photography seriously and don’t employ ordinary techniques for photography. We don’t use robo photographers or cookie—cutter sets. We feel that using staff like light tents and photo machines is not serious product photography. We believe that each object has a specialty and each product has a novelty. We tend to make our photographs highlight that speciality and uphold the novelty. So, we use custom lighting for all our products depending on the requirements of the product and the client.

Guaranteed Turn-Arounds

We provide guaranteed turn-arounds of orders. Once we get the delivery of your product we get down to determining how to photograph it in the best possible way. After that we take photographs and do some diligent editing to infuse the desired vibe into the product, all in a pew-estimated time frame.

Easy Online Ordering

You can order online. Other than plain-vanilla product photography, we also create albums such as Lifestyle album, headshots and on-location photography albums. As you click the Order Online tab a detailed sheet will open up. You have to indicate your product and your preference. So, if you are going for a group photo you have to indicate whether there will be a single item in a photograph or multiple. 

You can have 2 items in a single photograph and even much more than that. Mention your desired Turn Around Time. We offer a turn- around-time of 7 days. If you want the photographs before that you need to indicate. For a turn around time of 3 business days or less you have to pay extra. If you need the photographs within 24 hours we can do that for you. However, in that case you have to pay a little more in extra. You also need to indicate the kind of background you are interested in and whether you need a hand in the photograph such as a hand holding the product or not.

Flat white background

A flat white background is non-reflective. So, when we shoot against a flat white background we get a nice clean white background. However, the problem with such photographs is that there appears a contact shadow where the product meets the flat white background. A softer shadow extends beyond the point and goes away. In some cases this shadow helps to infuse a sense of space into the product.

Glossy white background

A glossy white background offers a reflective plexi surface. This offers a pale reflection of the product extending below it. Further, it adds a sense of grace to the product, but makes the product appear smaller. Such product photography is mostly employed with beauty products. However, such photographs are not the perfect option for Amazon. Moreover, when you take such photographs you need to crop the reflection part in order to fill the canvas with the real photograph.

Hard light shadow

Hard Light shadow photography comes up with deep shadows off the sides of the product. This is a prominent shadow and is mostly used as a design element to offer an extra dimension to the product. A professional product photographer will prefer for such photographs to be taken overhead. This is a trendy photography style mostly for beauty brands as it offers an edgy look to the product. This can help your product stand out from the crowd.

Product size and file size

Please indicate whether you need standard size photographs or the oversized ones like those with 2-4 feet on the longest side. Similarly, file type is important. You need to indicate whether you need high resolution .tif files, jpg files suitable for Amazon or both of them. You may also request for advanced file types like layered high resolution TIF files, transparent PNG photographs or both.

Why You Need Professional Product Photographer

For us product photographer is a professional niche; the better the photograph, the more is its sale ability. We know that a good photograph helps in higher conversion of visitors to paying customers. High quality photos sell more since they can bring out the highlights of the product in a subtle way. Good quality photographs also improve customer confidence about buying online. It’s a no brainer that good photographs elevate brand image and also helps maintain a trustworthy image.

P.S You need to ship your product to us first, but don’t worry, your product won’t get wasted. We make sure to pack up and ship your products back to you carefully so that they reach you in pristine condition. We may include the shipping fees in your invoice, if you agree to it. Otherwise, we charge it to your UPS or FedEx account. Here’s the process flow:

Book An Order

Once you submit an online order by filling up the product information page, you will get a reply with an auto-generated unique reference number along with details of shipping instruction. If you request, we can also mail you a quote before you ship the product to us. Do ensure to enclose the reference number inside the box. This helps us to instantly let you know when your product arrives.

Ship Your Product To Us

Pack up your product well and ship it to our studio. It is a good idea to select the best product since that will help us in getting the best photo. In any way, you need to try to avoid scratches and dents since that may bring down the quality of the photographs. Also, make sure to pack each item securely so that they don’t acquire dents and blemishes in transit.

We Photographe Your Product

We will contact you and let you know as and when your product arrives in our studio. Soon, we will go through the requirements of your order and discuss with you for allaying your concerns and answering your questions, if any. Once your payment is processed we start shooting your products.

Instantly Online Delivery

Once we are ready with the photographs that meet our standards we post them in a private online gallery. You can download the photograph from there and go through it minutely. In fact, we keep the photographs available online so that you can come back and download it in your convenient time. If you feel that some additions, alterations or changes can prep up the photograph, please let us know. We will incorporate the changes before shipping the product back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do undertake large product photography orders. We have enough space in our studio to accommodate large products and skill to photograph them perfectly. However, large products cost more to ship and photograph.

You don’t need to relocate to the US for photographing your product. You may be living outside the US or far from our place in the US, it does not debar you from putting up intriguing product photographs on Amazon. However, this will definitely delay the shipping.

We deliver standard product photographs as high resolution photographs with maximum quality settings of 3000×3000 pixels. Even if we need to crop some portion of the photograph, we make sure that the longest dimension is at least 3000 pixels.

We upload the completed photos on our private image hosting server. After completion of the project, we will send you a unique link and password. You need to log-in to the server with the password in order to view and download the images. We store the images on our server so that you can view them in future and download them for free.

Once we upload the photos of your product to our server, it stays there. You can download your photos with your login and password anytime you like. Your images and your information will be securely stored on our servers for as long as you may like.

If we receive a damaged product, we will share the details and degree of damage with you and would need an confirmation from your end whether you would like to proceed with the same consignment or would you like to send a newer parcel.

We accept payment via bank transfer, wire transfer and PayPal. Shall you wish to send us payment via any other mode, do get in touch with us before placing the order to discuss the availability of the same.

If you want to discuss your product directly with your assigned product photographer, you may write to us, or request a call back for the same. Someone from our team will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours and ensure that your concern is addressed.

Once we photograph your product, we will upload it to our servers for your viewing, and we will make any changes or alterations you need, as per your instructions.

Ideally we will have your product photographs available for the first screening within 7 days of receiving the product. Shall you wish to have a quicker turnaround time, do indicate the same while placing your order.